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The 2-Minute Version of UTOPIA, IOWA by Brian Yansky

Utopia, Iowa by Brian YanskyHere is UTOPIA, IOWA, from the first few pages to the last (with a few parts left out). It should take you about two minutes to read. You can fill in the missing words yourself and/or wait to read the whole story, 300+ pages, which comes out February 10, 2015.

  1. I learned a lesson that day: Real revolution needs more than creamed corn.
  2. But I wondered if skewed priorities were a bad thing—which was probably just further proof I had them.
  3. I was already dealing with detention, the start of senior year, and all kinds of questions about my future. I didn't need a dead girl, too.
  4. "What do you think, Mr. Bell, is true love real?"
  5. "Nathaniel says The Matrix is like Philosophy for Dummies…"
    That sounded like Nathaniel.
  6. "Does the Banshee always mean death?" Whisper Wainwright asked.
  7. Penny was a fortune-teller. She also had a nursery. She was very good with plants and visions of the future. It was a small town; a lot of people needed more than one talent to get by.
  8. She had many gifts/curses but she didn't like to be specific about what they were.
  9. "…something dead—dead and old and very powerful—was controlling her. But here's the really spooky part."
    "That wasn't the spooky part?" I said. "That sounded like the spooky part."

    He had a glass eye that saw much further than his natural one.
  10. Ash softened…"Just don't take your dead girls out on me…"
  11. She told me she needed a friend not another boyfriend. Numerically this was true, but…
  12. Next to Ishi the king looked small and weak. All the same Ishi would be dead before he took one step if the king felt threatened.
  13. "A dream," the detective said…He reminded me of Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive (1993…)
  14. The next morning Mom and Dad didn't fight. It was worse. They were polite.
  15. She wasn't fooling me. I knew she was using some kind of reverse psychology. Still it's kind of disconcerting to have your mother advise you to hold up a bank.
  16. The dead wanted to forget they were dead. It was best for everyone if they didn't.
  17. "You must eat your mortal's heart," the king says.
  18. It was not at all The Breakfast Club (1985…)
  19. Love is madness.
  20. "The dead don't bleed," I said, trying to reassure her.
  21. My fourth mistake was not riding away after I called the police.
  22. I liked to think of myself as the loner-outsider type (See Cool Hand Luke and Juno and about a million other movies) but maybe I was just socially challenged.
  23. "I'm so tired of this small town," she said.
  24. Sometimes she could be a very irritating witch.
  25. Gram drank her potion and gave a few drops to Captain Pike.
  26. "A monster's got her," Amanda said.
  27. The bell rang.
  28. Thanks to Silence of the Lambs (1991…)
  29. Ash drove us over to the Cowboy Guru's house…
  30. "It's a place that was and can never be again," he said. "Now you be careful. The young should never want the past more than the future."
  31. "The Princess Bride, I think."
    "That's a great one," I said.
  32. "Hollywood," she said.
  33. 34. "The stuff dreams are made of…" (Maltese Falcon, 1941)
  34. THE END

UTOPIA, IOWA is about a small town where the supernatural meets the natural. There's some murder and mystery and mayhem in this novel. Ghosts and other creatures and humans abound. Some funny moments. Some sad. At heart, it's a story about a boy who wants to write for the movies and his struggle with leaving all he knows (family, friends, hometown) to pursue his dreams.

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